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To Market we must go

Well it is that time of the year and we have been working in some new bits and pieces using up our samples of colours and some bits left over from other projects.

Today we will be at Chatsworth Road Market in E5 London. The weather is not being kind but we hope it will clear up. Why markets you might ask. Well it's a three fold thing really. One and the most important, they are fun. Yep even in bad weather they are fun to do. Stall holders are friendly, people who visit are lovely and best of all local so you are expanding your community.

Secondly, they are a great place to get feedback on everything. People stop and chat, they look and comment, ask questions and you can really engage with them about what you are doing and why. You really don't get that kind of interaction on social media unless you have thousands of followers.

Thirdly you get to sell some things and it pushes you to look at what you are creating. Are these things people genuinely want? Which for a sustainable business is the key element. We really do not want to make or run classes no one wants. That is not sustainable at all.

So markets have a place in our lives and to be honest we love them. It's like the festivals, a really great time to meet people, chat dyeing and sometimes with the right people get geeky about the methods we use, what we have tried and what we really don't recommend.... Red cabbage anyone??

Hope to see you at a market stall soon for a good chin wag.


Every Sunday Chatsworth Road market E5 10-4

December 2nd Round Chapel Market E5 4-8pm

December 4th E5 Bakehouse Market 11-4


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