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Socks and Prints

Printing is something that a lot of textile and fashion designers focus on whilst studying for their degrees. Emily Gubbay did just this during her time at Manchester School of Art with her final exhibition focusing on shapes and symbols inspired by her research and the book 'The Jewish wardrobe'. Reflecting her jewish and syrian heritage these symbols and shapes have continued into her work to this day.

Instead of using petrochemical and synthetic dyes all her items are made using natural dyes and processes on vintage fabrics. The print to the left is a great example of this using madder dye left over from a large sock commission for Royalties Paris and a vintage linen tablecloth found in whistable whilst there on holiday. What this will become now only Emily knows but one thing is for sure it will be unusual and have a very distinct pattern.

Emily has been working with the dye studio since 2019 and we are hoping that she will continue to collaborate with us for a long time to come. With her knowledge and skills in print design we are looking to collaborate on a range of vintage resale using her distinctive print designs with clothing provided by the vintage shop GetUp Yesterday One off designs will be coming to our shop in early september 2021.


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