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Rusting is the new printing

Angela Amaba is a new addition to the dye studio but is a pro at creating beautiful rust dyed pieces. The shirt on the left was dyed this year and took 2 weeks to reach the beautiful patterning you see.

Whilst working on her degree at UCA Farnham Angela discovered rust printing and became transfixed with the patterns that a simple mix of vinegar, water and iron could make on textiles. Spending the next few years practicing and honing the craft she is now a master a creating innovative patterns on vintage finds. She also produces beautiful silk scrunchies using off cuts of fabric her rusting skills and various natural dye colours. These are sold through her instgram page and at various events.

Angela also spent time in the netherlands workign with renowned textile artist Claudy Jongstra learning the circular methods used in the studio to create large scale felted and naturally coloured art works as well as the jpurney from soil to cloth of plant based dyes. Coming back to england due to the covid pandemic Angela is now establishing herself in London and finding ways to use her growing skill set to expand her own work and share her expertise with others.


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