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Natural Colour Club

We are so excited to launch this new club for all natural colour enthusiasts. This bi-monthly meetup is open to anyone with a passion for natural colour whether that is via dyeing, pigment, as an artist, crafter or something you do to relax. We want to create a supportive online community where everyone can share their knowledge, questions, successes and sometimes failures.

Each month there will be time to look in depth at a theme with live discussion and knowledge sharing as well as an opportunity to highlight a practitioner. One session will have practical elements and we will focus on a themed innovation in the field of natural colour. Members of the club will help to inform the themes for each month and be able to share a project they are working on.

To kick us off, March has blue as its theme. Thursday 4th March launches with Cordwainers talking about their team, journey and what they are developing. Then we will look at indigo producing plants, how to grow them and where they originate from. Artist Emily Gubbay will lead on group discussion around false blues, and the innovation will be the developing world wide Indigo shade map.

Saturday's session will have a practical focus on indigo - discussing different methods of colour extraction, how to keep a vat alive and the importance of using natural indigo's. We can share experiments in the realm of indigo, try some false blues and set out how to complete colour fast tests.

Each session is 1.5 hours long and costs between £5 - £11 per person as we want to make this club accessible to all with an opportunity to support paid speakers to come in once a month. There is even the option to book for both monthly sessions and have access to recordings so if you cannot make it you are able to watch at a time convenient for you after the event. This is also a good choice if you wish to re-watch any sessions.

All sessions are bookable through Eventbrite using the links below:

Thursday 4th March 6pm

Saturday 20th March 12pm

Cordwainers Grow on eventbrite for bookings -

If you want to know more just drop us a line via


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