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Making sustainable tinsel

For the market we have created some sustainable tinsel made from our old samples that have been kicking around since 2019. They vary in colour which is what gives the tinsel it's charm. Being natural dyes and mainly samples there are a lot that are quite muted in tone so it was helpful to have a pop of madder red, indigo blue and weld yellow.

The tinsel is so easy to make:

Gather scrap fabric

Pinking shears


  1. Cut string to length required plus 1 m

  2. Tie a large knot 50cm from one end

  3. Take fabric scraps and cut into strips 1-2cm wide and 8-15cm long

  4. A variety of lengths is good as it adds to the random effect

  5. Take your first strip and tie in a knot around the string. Pull tight.

  6. Push knotted strip down the string to large know you created.

  7. Repeat 5-6 until you are 50cm from the end and stop.

  8. Tie another large knot in the string as close to the strips as possible

  9. Now hang up and tie in place using the string ends.


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