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CND studio

Natural Dye & Design Studio
We dream, explore, create and craft
     natural dye experiences

Work & Clients

We design textiles using natural sustainable practices & share our knowledge

Meet The Folks:
Debbie Mitchener black and white headshot


Founder & Designer

Angela Amaba textile artist and creative director of cnds studio


Creative Director

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Emily Gubbay headshot in black and white


Print Consultant




What We Do


CNDS focuses on the use of natural dyes within production and education.

For our innovation work we partner with designers and other companies to produce ranges of textiles coloured, printed and patterned with natural dyes in an entirely sustainable way. We have worked with high fashion, home ware and textile brands completing runs of work to their specifications. We are looking to work with creative designers in the field of costume and set design for theatre, film and television and would love to hear from you if you work in these fields.

As a social enterprise our focus is also on sharing knowledge and we do this through public facing classes. We work closely in the communities where we grow our flowers and often run supported classes in the basics of natural dyeing.

How We Work


Based in a fully equipped studio in the East End of London and with growing spaces based in Newham and Hackney we are firmly an urban natural dye house. However we have links to the South Downs, Sussex Coast, Surrey Hills and Wales so do get the chance to forage further afield. 

Our focus is on providing services that support the natural environment and to that end we use dyes we grow ourselves or are grown in Europe looking to reduce the carbion footprint. We like to work with low impact fabrics such as organic and GOTS certified, waste and dead stock, and vintage and second hand. 

Who We Are


CNDS studio set in a hidden part East London that lies on a canal. With an urban natural environment around us to inspire we also have two gardens in Hackney and Newham where we grow plants for use in experimentation and classes.

Our focus is on connecting the natural world to the worlds of design through collaboration and teaching.


With backgrounds in costume, textile design and art based practices we have an innate understanding of the needs of various industries working with textiles. Our focus is supporting creatives to achieve a vision for their products that has the lowest possible impact and adheres to sustainable principles. Working with the natural world to showcase the beauty that we care for and not destroying it in the name of progress.

What We Believe


A long time ago we were told to go lightly through this world. At the time we were unsire how to achieve this but through our work with natural dyes and education programme we believe we are achieving this.

Everything we use in the studio can be composted, or disposed of naturally. We do not use heavy metals in our processes and only naturally occuring salts and minerals to prepare our cloths. 

We believe that sharing knowledge, space and time should be at the heart of all we do and we have an obligation to help others to understand why changing the way we view and produce fibre is so essential for our future. Using what we have rather than looking for more is a rule we stick to.

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