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Eco Printing




4 Weeks


About the Course

Eco printing is a deceptively easy method of printing onto cloth and paper using natural dyes that are either fresh or dried. Sometimes called botanical printing because of the wonderful vibrant and in depth leaf prints produced by practitioners. There is however much more to eco printing than a quick bundle and a lot of steam. Prints can be produced that are uniform or random depending upon how you wrap the bundle. You can create ghost prints or clear clean lines. All these methods and more will be covered in this 4 week 16 hour course.

Methods covered:

  • Steam printing

  • Immersion printing

  • Compost printing

  • Repeat pattern making

You will also learn how to scour and prepare fabric for printing, creating an iron blanket and when to use, different steaming methods and how to create large scale prints.

This course is limited to 4 people to ensure enough space, time and equipment is available for you to get the most from your time.

Basic fabrics will be supplied for use during the class - others can be bought on request either pre prepared or for you to scour yourself in 1/2 m increments. All fabrics will be white or a light ivory.

If you have something at home that you would like to use please do bring it to the class - it must be natural fibres for the best results

Materials available to buy include:

Cotton velvet 140cm wide £55 p/m Scoured £40 p/m

Heavy weight linen 150cm wide £16 p/m Scoured £22 p/m

Organic Calico 160cm wide £10 p/m Scoured £16 p/m

Wool Serge 150cm wide £56 p/m Scoured £64 p/m

Bamboo/Silk Satin 140cm wide £33 p/m Scoured £30 p/m

UK Peace Silk 120cm wide on request

All refreshments and cake will be provided - please bring a light lunch and water bottle. Do let us know of any dietary requirements.

Your Instructor

Debbie Mitchener

Debbie is a Hackney based textile practitioner who grew up on a smallholding in Sussex. With a 20 year career in costume in 2010 she retrained in horticulture and returned literally to her roots. Whilst working in the community she met Kate Poland from Hackney based Cordwainers Grow who gave her some woad plants to nurture in 2013. The rest as they say is herstory, and Debbie has been growing, experimenting and learning about natural dyes ever since. Debbie’s passion is for sharing knowledge and supporting others to find their place in this wonderful world of growing and colour.

Debbie Mitchener
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