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Dye Garden Newham




12 Weeks


About the Course

Join us at Abbey Gardens to develop a dye garden space in this hidden gem of a garden. These sessions are free and open to all whether you are interested in learning how to grow dye plants, want to know how they create visual interest and support biodiversity in a garden space, or would just like to be involved in a community growing project.

Sessions run fortnightly till April when we will switch to weekly sessions. Whilst you do not have to book for these sessions we do ask that you let us know if you are thinking of coming so we can ensure there are enough tools and refreshments. We will provide tools but ask you to bring your own gardening gloves and dress appropriately for the weather. Should it be raining heavily do check if the session is still running before setting out.

Your Instructor

Debbie Mitchener

Debbie is a Hackney based textile practitioner who grew up on a smallholding in Sussex. With a 20 year career in costume in 2010 she retrained in horticulture and returned literally to her roots. Whilst working in the community she met Kate Poland from Hackney based Cordwainers Grow who gave her some woad plants to nurture in 2013. The rest as they say is herstory, and Debbie has been growing, experimenting and learning about natural dyes ever since. Debbie’s passion is for sharing knowledge and supporting others to find their place in this wonderful world of growing and colour.

Debbie Mitchener
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